Oh, the Places We Go at Linemarkers South East Queensland

Airless Spray Gun Cranted For Work Linemarkers South East Queensland

One of the many benefits of working at Linemarkers South East Queensland is that no two days are ever the same.  Some of the places we go to line mark include inside factories and distribution centers, where we get to witness the many interesting facets of the industry that keep our society ticking along.

Line Marking in a Freezer

One type of industrial site we visit is just plain freezing!  Around -28C in fact.  Distribution cold rooms are generally out of the public eye.   We shoppers just meander down the freezer aisles of the supermarket and select our frozen peas or pizzas with little thought of how these items got there.  Inside the food distribution centers, the order must be maintained for the stacks of frozen goods that come in and go out on their way to our trolleys.  When we line mark the staging lines in a freezer, a couple of things happen.  Firstly, we need to spend just 10 minutes or so at a time in the freezer for our own sakes and that of the machines we use.  Secondly, once the sprayed paint hits the freezer floor, it too freezes.  Interestingly it lasts well enough in that tough environment.

Linemarking 28 Degrees Below Zero Linemarkers South East Queensland

Line Marking at Fun Sites

Some places we visit are just pure fun.

If you happen to find yourself directed to line up and stand on a yellow spot at the top of a massive waterslide at White Water World this summer, that is our work.  Tempting as it was, our line marker did not get to have a slide, due to the important point that the water hadn’t been turned at that time!  It is now, so hopefully, thousands of people lining up on our yellow spots will then have a joyous blast cooling off as they hurtle down the slides there this summer.

Yellow Spots At Top Of Waterslide Linemarkers South East Queensland

Hallowed ground for NRL fans in Queensland is Suncorp Stadium.  Recently our crews were honored to contribute to the amenity of those patrons attending in wheelchairs.  We painted all the blue wheelchair stencils at various vantage points around the seating areas.   Just being in the Cauldron to work was special, and we hope those blue logos will be used to the max in the years to come.

Suncorp Stadium Wheelchair Logos Linemarkers South East Queensland

Line Marking on the River

Getting to some places that we’ve visited to line mark is an interesting logistical exercise.  Our crew found themselves and the equipment on a punt on the Brisbane River at Port of Brisbane.  Our job was to paint identifier numbers on the underside of the dock, and onto the legs that hold the docks up.   The only way to get there was via the water.  The airless spray gun had to be craned onto the punt.  Happily, it was a fine, calm day.

One last interesting fact.  We have painted keep clear areas inside the vomitories at the mighty Gabba, also known as the Brisbane Cricket Ground.  The term vomitories conjures up a lot of beer and pies on their way out, but the word actually means a passage that allows people to exit a stadium.    Literally that the building is vomiting the crowds out.

Linemarkers South East Queensland is always prepared and happy to do the important work of line marking in car parks, safety lines in warehouses and factories and sports courts.  From the above snippets, and with apologies to Dr Seuss, we hope you can see that we also love the jobs in great places where we never dreamt that we’d go!

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