20 Common Questions We Are Asked When Quoting

20 Common Questions We Are Asked When Quoting

Linemarkers South East Queensland provides a free quotation service, we answer questions both on and off site. This article provides the most frequently asked questions when quoting on line marking projects.

Common Line Marking Quote Questions And Answers

At Linemarkers South East Queensland, we get asked lots of questions when quoting here are 20 of the most common ones. Our office staff and on site quoting crew are always only too happy to answer any queries. Sometimes it is great to be able to do some prior research before having someone coming out to quote. We thought we would write some of the most common questions asked and our answers so you can have a read. These answers are general only; it all depends on your circumstances.

At Linemarkers South East Queensland we generally use road marking paint – the quality of these varies so choose wisely. We use quality paints from Dulux and Jotun.

If it is road marking paint, then within an hour or so for light car traffic. Heavy trucks or forklifts might need longer.

Yes, we can paint with that. Please be aware that it does take a minimum of twelve hours before it is in any way trafficable.

We can add anti slip to enhance this, though keeping the area clean and dry is imperative.

The basic colours used are white and yellow, but we can paint most colours. Our specialist paint suppliers have a wide range of colours.

Mostly it is your place so it is up to you but there are Australian Standards that can apply – it depends on your industry.

Yes, we can create stencils in car parking bays and we will endeavour to match your company colours too.

Generally, bitumen just needs a sweep clean; dirty and mould affected outdoor concrete needs water blasting so the paint will last. Sometimes internal concrete may need cleaning to remove significant dirt.

Yes, we do install signs and we can arrange a sign with your required wording or pictograms.

We install these and we also call them wheel stops. We can supply ones made from either concrete or recycled rubber.

Yes, we install Slow Motion Compliance Super Heavy Duty Speed Humps (LLDPE – Linear low density polyethylene). We can also paint on bitumen or concrete speed humps.

Generally speaking, we don’t recommend repainting these. Most are powder coated. Any additional paint will soon wear off.

Concrete needs to cure for 28 days before painting. If your need to have the paint down is urgent, we will ask you to sign a release form.

It generally takes 3 to 4 days for the bitumen to cure. If we paint before this, the chemicals in the bitumen can turn the paint a nasty brown colour.

Tricky one! We really need to know what additives have been put in the concrete because some are not compatible with paint. If you do not know what product has been added to your concrete, we can do a product test.

Another tricky one! It really depends on the amount of traffic going over the lines. A quiet car park with occasional traffic will have lines last longer compared with a busy distribution centre using steel skid forklifts which are very harsh. Sorry we cannot be more specific, but our sales representative will discuss this with you on site.

By the metre or metre squared. Lettering and numbering are charged individually. Stencils are charged per spray.

Our crew work a Saturday as part of the week, so generally no.

Hope we have answered some of your questions. Please call Linemarkers South East Queensland’s office on 07 3277 2448 or use our contact form for a free, no obligation quotation and someone at the end of the phone who is happy to answer any more questions you may have.


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