Line Marking for Safety Systems at Work

Line Marking for Safety Systems at Work Brisbane

At Linemarkers South East Queensland, our major focus is providing occupational health and safety painting services to our clients. The main aim here is for our clients to direct a safety message to staff and visitors at their site.

Occupational Health and Safety with Linemarkers SEQ

What are some examples of the safety messages we paint?

Line marking a stop bar with the words STOP at the end of pallet racking. This could be part of a traffic management message to forklift drivers to stop and look for oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

Distribution Warehouse Forklift Traffic Management Line Marking

Line marking a designated driver safety zone. This ensures truck parking is managed and that drivers are safe when loading and unloading of their vehicles takes place.


Driver Safety Zone
Fire Door And Reel

Line marking hatched areas in front of fire doors and firefighting equipment so that nothing will be stored in these vital safety areas.


Line marking a clearly defined pedestrian walk way in traffic areas.


Pedestrian Walk Way Between Car Park And Driveway

With all these examples, the safety culture of the organisation will in part predicate how well these messages are followed.

What is the safety culture at Linemarkers South East Queensland?

Our teams work in a different environment every day. Safety awareness is paramount as there is no room for the complacency that may come when working in the same environment day in, day out.

Linemarkers South East Queensland is always prepared to listen to our employees’ safety concerns and ideas. We will take measures to improve our standards using a risk management approach to identify hazards, apply controls and assess their outcomes. This safety system approach has been developed right from the genesis of Linemarkers South East Queensland in 2001 and will continue to be adapted as needed.

What Safety Systems are in place at Linemarkers South East Queensland?

Linemarkers South East Queensland has fully documented Workplace Health and Safety Policy and Procedures.

Linemarkers South East Queensland and its subcontractors carry Workcover and Public Liability insurance.

All crew on site have General Induction cards.

Our line marking crew have already achieved or are working towards their Certificate III in Civil Construction RII30915.

Before beginning work, a safe work method statement tailored to the individual site is prepared. All team members on site read this and sign their understanding of its contents. Our staff have all had input to the development of the safe work method statement so that it is a true representation job analysis.

Our team leader liaises with the contact on site to ratify the scope of works and conditions required for safe completion of the job. A job sheet is prepared detailing what has been quoted. Variations and additions must be approved by the site contact.

Our teams always follow the occupational health and safety requirements of the work sites in which we are line marking.

All crew attend on site inductions.

A pre-start site inspection is carried out which includes all team members. This ensures that everyone knows what the job entails, how it will be done and the management of safety concerns including what site specific personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed. Everyone on site has input to hazard identification and management.

Our vehicles are fitted with first aid equipment, and our crew members trained in first aid.

Electrical equipment is tested and tagged every three months. Faulty equipment is not to be used. It is removed for repair or replacement.

The hazardous chemicals brought on site are stored and used as per the hazardous substances register. Safety data sheets are provided for these chemicals.

Our teams are trained in a risk management approach to hazardous tasks and chemicals. They are trained to identify and report hazards, and incidents including near misses.

The teams are regularly monitored for adherence to occupational health and safety requirements of the job at hand.

Our teams carry a full range of personal protective equipment (PPE) to comply with occupational health and safety standards required.

Some sites require special accreditation. Here are some instances where this is evident:

  • If at a BP, Caltex or Shell petrol site, Work Place Clearance Group (WPCG) procedures are followed, and we have a WPCG accredited crew member on site.
  • When working airside at an airport, we ensure an ASIC accredited crew member is on site.
  • When working on Queensland Rail sites we have a crew member on site who has attained QR3.2 Safely Access the Rail Corridor.

The system of working safely outlined above has enabled Linemarkers South East Queensland to link with several OHS/WHS Contractor compliance companies. These include Rapid Global, SASSI and we are now proud to announce we have now achieved prequalification with cm3.

At Linemarkers South East Queensland, we strive to continually improve our safety standards as part of our duty of care to our staff, our clients and the general public. Use our contact form for more information.


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