Line Marking Projects – How You Can Prepare

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Line Marking Projects – How You Can Prepare

You are project managing the line marking for your organisation and the booking with Linemarkers South East Queensland has been made. Now for action stations. Communication and preparation are key elements to ensure a smooth running and successful job. To help you, here is a short list of ‘do’s’ and one significant ‘don’t’ to help achieve this outcome.

Communication – ‘Why can’t I park my car in my spot today?’

Do let people know when the line marking is happening and how long it will take. Linemarkers South East Queensland will book your job as far in advance as feasible and will call you the day before to confirm these details. To ensure pedestrian safety, our crew will cordon off areas to be painted. If the Managing Director can’t park the day of the job in your car park because no one told him/her the line marking was happening, you may have some explaining to do!

Preparation – ‘You want what line marking where?’

If possible, do have yourself or someone from your organisation (who knows exactly what you want) available to be on site when the line marking is undertaken. Linemarkers South East Queensland’s crew always have detailed job instructions, plans and safe work method statements on site, but this is your project and our crew want to achieve your vision accurately and beautifully.

Preparation – ‘Get those pallets moved now!”

Do make every effort to have the area to be line marked clear. This will ensure an efficient line marking process. On the day, having a truck load of pallets delivered just where you want your pedestrian walk way or forklift parking area will be frustrating for everyone and seriously slow things down.

Preparation – ‘Let’s hose off the area before they arrive’

No, please don’t! When quoting, Linemarkers South East Queensland will assess what surface preparation is required for your job, discuss this with you, and will undertake this appropriately before the line marking begins. Sweeping away debris is fine, but if you hose off the area on the day of the line marking, the surface will be wet. Moisture and line marking paint do not play well together so sadly, the job will have to be postponed.

If you would like any further information for your next commercial line marking project and would also like a free quote, please call the office on 07 3277 2448 or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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