Line Marking to Make Your Backyard or Workplace a Sporting Destination

Line Marking To Make Your Backyard Or Workplace A Sporting Destination

Sports Line Marking in Your Backyard

Yes, Linemarkers South East Queensland can provide sports line marking to make your backyard a great place to be for family and friends or workplace a place to unwind and get some exercise.

We are painting more of these and we predict that it is only a matter of time before this type of line marking is featured on a TV backyard makeover!

Two things have inspired this blog about making a backyard or workplace into a sporting venue.

First is a recent conversation we had with one of our distribution centre clients. We learnt that since Covid-19, B-Doubles worth of trucks are transporting (no, not toilet paper) but trampolines for Aussie backyards to keep the kids entertained. Families are hunkering down and enjoying the space they have in their gardens.

This is where the second and the most important inspiration for this blog comes into play. We understand that trampolines might be fine for the younger children but what about the older kids in the family? What about employees’ down time at work?

Portable basketball hoops seem to be the go for older kids’ home entertainment, away from screens that is. We have also seen these outside work sheds. We are here to say that if you want to take humble basketball hoop to the next level, then check out this fantastic modified court painted by Edward at Linemarkers South East Queensland.


basketball line painting

Backyard Basketball Court

Our office received a quotation request from a family with a plan of what they wanted. Edward meticulously adjusted the court dimensions to suit the room available on the concrete in the family’s back garden. Edward suggested the basketballer stencil to add even more zing to the layout. We had used that previously at the request of another family and it looked fantastic.

Edward then set out and painted this job. The family was really pleased, and we hope they spend many hours with family and friends enjoying this addition to their garden.

Warehouse Basketball Court

Here is another great basketball court, this time inside a warehouse. We even arranged for the company logo to be painted in the centre circle.

Linemarkers Blog 2 2
Tennis Court Line marking

Tennis Court in a Lucky Someone's Garden

If tennis is your family’s favourite sport, Linemarkers South East Queensland will paint a full court if you have the room or modify the dimensions to suit your space. Sometimes a half-court basketball or netball layout is painted on the tennis court to make it a multipurpose space. We can paint in different colours to differentiate the markings.



Have you heard of pickleball? Funny name, but it is a great sport for young and old and is easy to learn. It is a hybrid of tennis, table tennis and badminton. Check it out on the Pickleball Australia Association website. The YouTube on Pickleball Australia’s page featuring Brisbane Pickleball Club’s Milika, is a great introduction about how to play and what you need.

The pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court (like a badminton court) and so is backyard or workplace friendly. Linemarkers South East Queensland can measure out and paint the lines for you to suit your space.

Of course, if the younger set are tiring of the new trampoline, consider a hopscotch court! We have lots of fun designs of these for homebased fun, and exercise.

So, start planning a brilliant backyard or workplace sporting venue for your family, friends, and employees to enjoy.

What a choice: basketball, tennis, netball, and even pickleball. Linemarkers South East Queensland is only too happy to help.

If you would like a free quote, please call the office on 07 3277 2448 or use our contact form


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