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Crash barrier systems protect people and assets from vehicular impact.

Linemarkers South East Queensland will take care of your line marking and line removal needs as well as supply and installing safety barriers, bollards, wheel stops, speed humps and hand rail systems.

With over two decades of experience, we are trusted professionals in traffic safety and are happy to provide advice based on experience so no matter what your traffic control requirements are we will ensure the most effective crash barrier system is provided.*  We supply and install a range of tested and proven crash barrier systems, all products selected are very effective, of high quality, are durable and value for money.  All products provided meet Australian Standards.

Types of vehicle safety systems we provide include (but are not limited to) road and highway safety barriers, car park barriers, parking barrier, factory and warehouse safety barriers and forklift barrier systems – steel and metal crash barriers and concrete roadside barriers.

We also supply temporary safety barriers for different uses including roadworks, construction sites and vehicle accidents.

*In the unfortunate situation we do not supply the most effective crash barrier system applicable to suit your needs we are happy to advise where you can source these products.

Traffic control barriers vary in price dependent primarily on how much impact the barrier needs to be able to sustain.  At the lower end of the scale you may need a safety system for slow moving vehicles such as a car park safety barriers.  At the opposite end of the scale are highway crash barriers that can withstand vehicles at high speed as well as heavy trucks.  The basic composition of a crash barrier is often metal/steel or concrete with metal and steel being more expensive components.  Vehicle crash barriers also undergo rigorous testing which impacts on the overall price of the products.  On the plus side, due to the strength of safety barriers they need little maintenance as they are able to sustain the energy of high impacts.  They are also able to sustain harsh weather conditions.

The installation costs of safety or collision barriers also vary significantly dependent again on the requirements, the chosen products, the size etc of the safety project.  We at Linemarkers South East Queensland are experienced safety barrier installers, you can be assured the product and installation service we provide will ensure the safety of pedestrians, vehicles and assets and reduce the severity of any injuries sustained.  Our installation team is skilled, familiar with the products and able to ensure quality, compliant and timely installations.

Linemarkers South East Queensland are experienced in a variety of projects including residential, commercial and industrial, new developments and existing roads, bridges, factories, warehouses, shopping centres etc.

Always willing to help to ensure your project is a success, please contact us at 07 3277 2448, email [email protected] or complete our contact form.

Steel Safety Bollards And Car Park With Pram Logos and speed hump and line marking

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