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Modern grinding and scarifying equipment For line marking removal

Our modern grinding and scarifying equipment is perfect for removal of painted lines on concrete or bitumen surfaces in warehouses, transport facilities, factory floors, car parks, traffic line remover, airport hangers and hard stand yards. In addition to line marking removal, we also remove logos, directional signage, safety messages – anything painted onto concrete or bitumen we can grind off for you.

Our dustless line marking removal process combined with skilled and precise workmanship results in a superior finish with the surface prepared and in top condition ready for new line markings. The vacuums attached to our line marking paint removal machines comply with environmental standards and keep your factory, transport facility or warehouse as dust free as possible.

Grinding is the most cost effective way to remove outdated or worn markings. There is a skill required to do this work properly as it is important to grind off the problem paint, removing the finest layer and not grind the marking into the surface! Our experience and skill allows us to completely remove the markings with the minimal damage to the concrete or bitumen surface.

In certain circumstances removal of line markings from bitumen requires more extensive grinding. In these cases, even with careful grinding, ‘ghost lines’ may still visible. To cover the residual shadow, we will apply a black paint which is highly effective.

Different surfaces and different paints require the expert knowledge of experienced line marking removers to select and use the best line making removal equipment for each specific job. More often than not more than one type of line remover will be used for any one job.

We have both petrol and electric driven grinding machines. Petrol driven equipment inside a building can cause issues with exhaust fumes. We will be directed by our clients, after consultation, as to which is the best, most efficient and safest machine to use.

When grinding is not an option (as it will remove some layers of the surface), hot water high pressure water blasting with extraction and water treatment is recommended. Linemarkers South East Queensland can arrange for an expert subcontractor to provide this service.
Steel Safety Bollards And Car Park With Pram Logos and speed hump and line marking

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