Wheel Stops and Speed Humps

We are made aware of speed humps as we drive over them (hopefully without a coffee in our hands) and when we roll our tyres up to a wheel stop in the car park. Both speed humps and wheel stops play an important safety role on private roadways and for vehicle parking.

Wheel Stops

Wheel stops prevent vehicles encroaching into the parking bay opposite, or onto a wall or garden. There is an Australian Standard for walkways that are on the same level as parking bays. In this situation, wheel stops are mandatory to protect pedestrians and limit the encroachment of the car onto the walkway.

Australian standards dictate the dimensions and placement of the wheel stop in the bay. Linemarkers South East Queensland supplies and installs both concrete and recycled rubber wheel stops to meet these standards.

Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete wheel stops are robust. They have a greater mass to handle multiple collisions of car tyres. Concrete stops can be painted safety yellow to ensure they stand out from the surrounding parking area.

Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops

Recycled rubber wheel stops are lighter and easier to install. They can have high contrast reflective markings and are an environmentally responsible alternative to concrete. The recycled rubber wheel stops supplied and installed by Linemarkers South East Queensland are guaranteed to last for 5 years. Some others in the marketplace do not have this guarantee and can deteriorate very quickly.

Truck Wheel Stops

Providing wheel stops for trucks is a challenge. This is due to the mass of the trucks. Even an empty medium rigid vehicle (MRV) can weigh a few tonnes. Linemarkers South East Queensland has organised the manufacture and installation of heavy-duty powder coated steel wheel stops. These have been engineered to stop fully loaded semi-trailers at slow speeds. The largest size of precast concrete stops that we supply are 2.5m long.

Speed Humps

If vehicle speed is causing danger at your private residential estate, commercial business, school, shopping centre, loading zone, warehouse facility, or holiday park we have various traffic calming devices that will help solve this problem for you.

Speed humps or speed bumps as sometimes they are called, can be manufactured from a range materials.

They can be made in place by using bitumen. This is a method often used for aesthetic reasons because they blend into the roadway. They may not have a major traffic calming impact compared with other speed humps as they have a gentler slope. After 4 days curing time, Linemarkers South East Queensland can paint your new bitumen speed bump with reflective safety yellow road marking paint. This will meet the Australian Standard.

Low density polyethylene (LLDPE) speed bumps to Australian Standards are very robust and can be used in locations where moderate truck traffic occurs. Installation of LLDPE speed humps is quick and they can be driven over immediately.

Steel speed humps are available. We can supply and install these speed bumps, but often recommend not to use these due to the noise created and the difficulty in repairing them. Once the painted surface has been worn away, it is cheaper to replace the speed bumps rather than re-applying the powder coating.