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Quality wheel stops installed for long lasting results

Wheel stops (or car stops) are a safety measure, letting a driver be aware that they have reached the end of their parking bay once their tyres roll up to a wheel stop in the car park.

Wheel stops are not only used to prevent vehicles encroaching into the parking bay opposite but also to prevent cars from accidentally running into a wall or garden bed.

They are also used to limit the encroachment of cars onto walkways when walkways are the same level as parking bays. In this instance, their use is mandatory so as to protect pedestrians.

Australian standards (AS) 2890.1 – 2004 Parking Facilities Off Street dictates the dimensions and placement of wheel or car stops in a parking bay and other places where they are deemed necessary for safety reasons.

Linemarkers South East Queensland supplies wheel stops and also provides a wheel stop installation service for both concrete and recycled rubber stops to meet these standards – in Brisbane and further afield.

Concrete car stops are robust, they are heavy and tough enough to withstand repetitive bumps from cars. At Linemarkers South East Queensland our stops are sized 1650 X 150 X 100mm and come in smooth grey. They weigh in at 54 kgs so you need to know what you are doing when handling these. Our concrete wheel stops comply to AS 2890.1 – 2004 Parking Facilities Off Street Car Parking.

They can be painted bright yellow to enhance their visibility. This helps to mitigate the risk of a pedestrian tripping over them which is an important occupational health and safety consideration. It is important to clean by water blasting any existing stops that need to be painted. Black mould that grows on concrete and the grime of car parks needs to come off otherwise the paint will not last.

At Linemarkers South East Queensland we, not only supply, but we also install concrete stops to Australian Standards and with proper preparation to ensure that our clients have long-lasting results.

We also install premium recycled rubber wheel stops that comply with Australian Standard 2890.1 – 2004. Recycled rubber stops are lighter than concrete and so much easier for the installer to handle. They are durable, resistant to UV rays, oil, moisture, and extreme weather and have reflective yellow panels to enhance visibility. They have some flexibility (but aren’t very bendy like some brands) so can be used where a car park is contoured (here concrete has difficulty). Recycled rubber wheel stops can have high contrast reflective markings and are an environmentally responsible alternative to concrete.

We source ours from a supplier that offers a five year warranty. This is so important because a drive around various shopping centres will show some recycled rubber wheel stops that are falling apart. This breakdown of material can start after just a few months. 

A quick google search of recycled rubber car stops reveals some being sold very cheaply. As far as long lasting quality is concerned, buyer beware and look for a decent warranty.

Providing wheel stops for trucks is a challenge. This is due to the mass of the trucks. Even an empty medium rigid vehicle (MRV) can weigh a few tonnes. In order to provide heavy duty truck wheel stops Linemarkers South East Queensland has organised the manufacture and installation of heavy-duty powder coated steel wheel stops. These have been engineered to stop fully loaded semi-trailers at slow speeds. The largest size of precast concrete stops that are suitable as truck wheel stops that we supply are 2.5m long.

There are also plastic car stops on the market. They may just be an inverted V shape with a hollow section. We cannot vouch for these types of stops as we do not install them. We have chosen not to supply or install plastic stops as we get concerned that the hollow area could house vermin and dirt. 

Our crew at Linemarkers South East Queensland are highly experienced in wheel stop installation and will position either your concrete or recycled rubber stops to the Australian Standard 2890.1 – 2004 which is important to protect cars, property, and pedestrians. Linemarkers South East Queensland crew members will fix them correctly too. Did you know there is a vital difference between fixing to concrete and bitumen? This is the industry ‘know how’ that Linemarkers South East Queensland can bring to the table.

If you would like a quote for either concrete or recycled rubber stops, or for heavy-duty powder coated steel stops suitable for trucks for your warehouse, garage, private residential estate, commercial car park or industrial premises please call Stacey in our office on 07 3277 2448 or email us at

If you are looking for wheel stops, you might also be interested to know that we supply and install other road safety equipment including speed humps and traffic, road and safety signs.

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