Speed Humps

Speed Humps / Speed Bumps Are Used to Slow Down Traffic

We are made aware of speed humps (also known as speed bumps) as we drive over them, hopefully without a coffee in our hands! Whilst many drivers can find these annoying, they are a good safety device as they are effective in slowing down vehicular traffic where there are likely to be pedestrians about.

If vehicle speed is causing danger at your private residential estate, commercial business, school, shopping centre, loading zone, warehouse facility, or holiday park we will describe two types of traffic calming devices that we are happy to recommend and will help solve this problem for you.

Bitumen Speed Humps

Speed bumps can be made in place by using bitumen. This is a method often used for aesthetic reasons because they blend into a roadway. They may not have a major traffic calming impact compared with other humps or bumps as they have a gentler slope.

Linemakers South East Queensland does not lay bitumen.  If you have a new bitumen hump, after 4 days curing time, we can paint it with reflective safety yellow road marking paint.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene’ (LLDPE) Speed Bumps

Linear polyethylene speed bumps made to Australian Standard (AS) 2890.1:2004 are very robust and can be used in locations where moderate car, truck and bus traffic occurs.  These bumps are fast to install and can be driven over immediately.  This makes them ideal for busy sites like shopping centres, hospitals, and the roadways at warehouses, and distribution centres where you do not want to close off a driveway waiting for bitumen to set.

These composite plastic bumps are coloured black and yellow with inbuilt prismatic reflectors for night visibility.  UV treatments mean the colour will resist fading. Linear polyethylene speed bumps are also textured to enhance slip resistance.

Linemarkers South East Queensland can supply and expertly install polyethylene speed bumps.

Please call our office on 07 3277 2448 for a free no obligation quotation to either paint bitumen or supply and install linear low density polyethylene speed humps.

FYI  Linemarkers South East Queensland also sell and install other road safety equipment including wheel stops and traffic and road safety signs.

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