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Hand rail systems increase pedestrian safety by providing secure WALKWAYS and protection from vehicles.

Linemarkers South East Queensland provide multi-purpose, heavy-duty Hand Rail Systems for the separation of foot and vehicle traffic which can be installed independently or mounted on top of barrier systems. The modular steel units offer versatility, hardiness and strength, and can be configured to suit most situations, making installation simple and timely.

Designed to withstand low and moderate speed vehicle impacts, our Hand Rail Systems are mounted on base plates for ease of installation and to limit damage in the case of an impact. For internal use, the Hand Rail System is available in a powder coated safety yellow for high visibility, and for external use, safety yellow over a galvanised finish is provided to guard against rusting.

The Hand Rail Systems Linemarkers SEQ supply and install are low maintenance, and can be configured with various additions, such as personnel gates with auto-close hinges, telescopic gates and double gates. The system is compliant with AS/NZS 1657-1992, and the frames are 1000mmH x 2250mmL, with a 2200mm extension available.  


To discuss your situation and requirements, please call our office on 07 3277 2448 for a free no obligation quote to supply and install a Hand Rail System. 

The purpose of Hand Rail Systems is to provide safe walking areas for people, by deterring pedestrians from walking into dangerous traffic areas and channelling foot traffic to safe crossing locations. Hand Rails effectively prevent injury to personnel by vehicles by proving a barrier, guiding pedestrians to safe walkways and acting as a sturdy rail to promote safe movement.

The Hand Rail Systems provided by Linemarkers South East Queensland are adaptable, making them suitable for multiple applications, both internal and external, including on footpaths and walkways, stairs, bridges, mezzanines, balconies, loading docks and in warehouses and factories. Installing Hand Rail Systems for safety not only protects personnel, but also reduces costly downtimes in the event of an accident, minimising the impact on your business operations.

Linemarkers SEQ offers various configurations of Hand Rail Systems to suit any application, and they can be used in conjunction with the certified barrier systems we provide.

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