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Security bollards are designed to protect pedestrians, property and emergency equipment

Linemarkers South East Queensland supplies only quality products and our bollard installation is done with the same care and attention to detail as all work done by our team.

Linemarkers SEQ offers steel surface mounted, embedded and removable safety bollards as well as an installation service. 

We ensure there is a quality product we can supply and install to suit your needs.

Please call our office on 07 3277 2448 for a free no obligation quote to supply and install safety bollards.

Safety bollards come in a vast range and are selected to suit the specific location and function. At one end of the scale, there are crash bollards that are incredibly strong and designed to withstand high-speed impacts. These are used where public safety is of concern.

Other purposes of safety bollards is the protection of disabled shared zones, for traffic control, storefront crashes and industrial asset protection.

Linemarkers SEQ also supply and install car parking space bollards and parking lot bollards.

Industrial settings may require the installation of bollards designed to take low-speed impacts from forklifts or Materials Handling Equipment (MHE). We also install safety bollards as protection around fire exits and firefighting equipment.

 At Linemarkers SEQ, our security bollards are compliant with Australian Standards.

Safety bollards are used in areas where there is a concern about public safety and there is a risk of traffic damage.  They are used to protect structures and pedestrians from impacts and collisions with vehicles.  Safety bollards thus reduce the need for expensive repairs.

Linemarkers SEQ provide a variety of safety bollards, in different finishes, sizes, strengths and installation configurations, to suit your unique situation and needs.

Safety bollards vary in height usually from 950mm to 2250mm, range in diameter from 115mm to 220mm and commonly weight between 17kg and 60kg.

We supply steel safety bollards in different finishes including galvanised and hi-vis safety yellow, as well as having doorframe bollards available for inside and outside use.

Embedded bollards can be installed by being cored into concrete, which makes them stronger and able to withstand higher impacts. It is also possible to add strength and mass to these types of bollards by filling them with concrete.

The downside of embedded bollards is that any significant impact to the bollard will result in the installation point being damaged. This damage can be major, potentially requiring excavation and rebuilding of the support structure to install a new bollard.

On the other hand embedded safety bollards are able to withstand high speed impacts protecting people and assets

Surface mounted metal bollards are bolted to the ground, using a mount, such as a ground mount or a breakaway base. The benefit of this bolt down bollard installation method is that it minimises damage to the installation point in the event that the bollard is struck.

Some bollards are designed to be moved frequently. Removable bollards are used in front of retail stores and are replaced at the end of each trading day. Some removable bollards are also used to deter parkers from designated parking spaces. Soft flexible bollards are used in places where visibility of a danger is required but there is a need to minimise damage to vehicles.

Contact us at Linemarkers SEQ for further information regarding the range of removalable bollards we supply and our flexible bollard installation.

Steel Safety Bollards And Car Park With Pram Logos and speed hump and line marking

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