Residential Line Marking

Quality line marking in unit complexes and community facilities is worth the investment in the interests of safety and amenity.

Linemarkers South East Queensland have over 14 years’ experience in residential line marking.  We use quality line marking paints and ensure the surface is properly prepared, to provide long lasting results.  The extra time and effort we apply to our work is one key difference between us and our competitors.

Our capabilities include:

  • Line marking car park lines
  • Line marking disabled parking spaces
  • Painting numbering on car park bays
  • Line marking walkways
  • Painting words using stencils or individual letters, such as no parking, no standing
  • Painting trip risk areas in yellow safety colour
  • Line marking hatched areas
  • Supply and installation of signs following Australian Standards and bespoke signs
  • Painting logos on the ground using customised stencils