Line Marking at a Heavy Haulage Hub

Line Marking At A Heavy Haulage Hub

Linemarkers South East Queensland recently completed a line marking job at one of Brisbane’s busiest heavy haulage hubs. This blog offers an insight into our line marking processes.


A Recent Project Completed by Linemarkers South East Queensland

We were asked to provide a quotation to refresh some line marking and add some new directional and safety markings throughout the site. This included the entry way in the photo showing the some of the line marking still intact but fading. This site sees fully laden B-Double trucks driving through this entry way towards the weighbridge all day and night.

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Client Inductions and Site Inspection

Our representative completed the required inductions then visited the site wearing appropriate PPE and met the client. He measured up the client’s required line marking, did the calculations, and our office emailed the quotation that same day.

Linemarkers South East Queensland endeavours to be prompt with attending the site to quote as well as providing the quotation back to the relevant site contact as soon as possible. There is nothing more frustrating than someone not bothering to turn up to quote, waiting for ages to receive a quotation or worse still having to chase up a quotation.

Should there be a hold up with obtaining a price for a special requirement for example, Linemarkers South East Queensland will keep our client informed. Happily, this time, as stated, there was no delay in our client receiving our quotation as it was a same day service.

Minimise Interruptions

The client accepted our quotation and our office liaised with the site contact to find the best time to do the job, keeping in mind the relentless traffic flow at this hub. Linemarkers South East Queensland endeavours to work at a quiet time that suits all our clients’ work processes.

The aims are to minimise disruption to the site and avoid interruptions to their clients or customers. This is vital whether it is a heavy haulage site or office car park. In this instance, a Sunday was scheduled because this is the only day that traffic is quiet enough.

This scheduling ensured work flows on site were not disrupted and very importantly was safer for our line markers. At this site, the client also supplied a traffic spotter for added safety.

Starting the Line Marking Work

Our fully inducted line markers got to work setting out and painting using Dulux Roadmaster A1 road marking paint. This paint is chlorinated rubber based and is fast drying. As you can see the result is a vibrant refresh of the existing large stop logos, white stop bar, speed hump, chevrons, yellow hatching, and arrows.

Clear Safety Signs

A B-Double truck driver driving up to this entrance would be impressed that this site was proactive with the repainting to ensure clear safety line marking. As is our usual custom, we contacted the site representative to ask if the client was satisfied with our work. We received word back that the site contact had looked over the line marking and ‘it all looks great’. Very satisfying for our team.


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If your business would like to make a strong statement about safety to your employees and visitors to your site, please call Linemarkers South East Queensland on 07 3277 2448 or use our contact form. for a free line marking quotation.


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