Linemarkers SEQ and the Race to Click and Collect

Customers Click And Collect Line Marking In Corporate

Online shopping has been flourishing for some time, much to the chagrin of local shopping centres.  Having items delivered seemed so convenient, and prices were often lower from an online retailer.  Customers could buy products from all around the world and have them shipped to their door.  In contrast, click and collect facilities were available at the major supermarkets but mostly unheard of elsewhere.

Recently though, smart retailers have seen an opportunity to entice customers back to their shops and give the purely online retailers a run for their money.  The customer can enjoy the convenience and (especially in a pandemic) the feeling of safety of shopping online, but then drive to a store nearby and pick up their items at a time that suits them.  No more paying for delivery, waiting at home for deliveries, or worse, having delivered packages stolen from the front door when not at home!  For Linemarkers South East Queensland, the race is now on to line mark dedicated click and collect parking bays for the retailers benefiting from their clients’ enthusiasm to come back to their stores.

Click And Collect Supermarkets Line Marking

Customer’s Needs

Scroll down a Google search of ‘click and collect Australia’ and the major retailers are all there.  Most offer a same day service and items in stock at a particular store may be collected in just 2 hours say some.  This is indeed a speedier service than delivery.  More and more stores are successfully coming on board with this trading strategy.

As a customer, knowing where to park when driving in to collect the items, is an immediate need.  Clearly line marked parking spots that define the retailer’s item pick up spaces are an ideal solution.   A company logo with the words click and collect illustrates that the retailer is on trend with this service and therefore relevant to their customers’ needs.

Increase Brand Awareness

Line marking the customer pick up bays also offers a great way to increase brand awareness.  Bright paint in company colours enhances the ease of customers finding the dedicated space and has great advertising potential.  It really is a cost effective way of marketing in a car park with hundreds of passers-by every day.

Linemarkers South East Queensland has recently been involved in painting car park spaces on the Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for a retailer.  One of these stores is on busy Beaudesert Road near our office and the red and white customer pick up parking bay reflecting the corporate colours really stands out as we drive past.   Consumers now recognise that having a brightly coloured car parking bay signifies a company offers the click and collect service.  When a future purchasing need arises, having seen a car parking bay painted showing click and collect can keep the brand in front of a customer’s mind and turn a quick glance  into a sale.

Getting Your Brand on the Ground

Perhaps you have already developed your retail outlets’ artwork for click and collect spots featuring company colours and branding.  Linemarkers South East Queensland will quote on supplying and painting the stencils needed.  As you can see from the photos, the wording and symbols may differ.   Our stencil maker can also prepare a stencil featuring your business logo and preferred wording.  This can be a simple as single colour lettering to multi colour corporate colours.  We will do our best to match our high quality road marking paint as close as possible to your choice of colour.


Car Park Click And Collect

To ensure the line marking lasts, we will advise on surface preparation.  For example, for the multi-site jobs recently completed in south east Queensland, individual stores cleaned their car spots by water blasting, in preparation.  That saved a lot of money for the client as it meant our line marker only had to visit each site once.  Most importantly, Linemarkers South East Queensland will also discuss what is the most convenient time of day/evening for us to turn your plain car parking spot into a stand out click and collect destination for your customers.  Please call our office to arrange a quote today, we look forward to hearing from you.

Line Marking Click And Collect Parking Bays


If you would like a free quote, please call the office on 07 3277 2448 or use our contact form.




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