Business as ‘Un-usual’ – a note to our website visitors

Business As ‘un Usual’ – A Note To Our Website Visitors

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. This blog is to let you know that Linemarkers South East Queensland is taking the evolving COVID-19 crisis seriously during this time of business as un-usual.

Business as ‘Un-usual’ – during COVID-19

On 24th March 2020, it was encouraging to hear Prime Minister Scott Morrison say that anyone still working at the moment is considered an essential worker. As the business owner, it is my hope to keep our business running so that we can continue to support the six families that rely on us.

We work outdoors

Happily, the work that we do is largely outdoors, and we aren’t usually in direct contact with anyone, so we are hoping our business can continue to operate as long as possible, without risking the safety of our clients, and our people. Working ‘from home’ isn’t an option for us!

For your reference: None of our staff have been overseas or in contact with someone with Covid-19 as far as we are aware.

COVID-19 Protocols

When onsite our staff will observe Covid-19 protocols such as social distancing, maintain good hygiene practices and use their own equipment at all times, and as usual, our staff will always adhere to the PPE guidelines set out by your site.

They have been instructed on washing hands regularly, cough/sneeze hygiene and have their own hand sanitisers. We have asked them to take their temperature each morning and not to come into work if they have a temperature above 37.3 degrees or feel unwell in any way. We felt the temperature taking was a practical way of assessing our health as 88% of Covid-19 cases have a temperature.

COVID-19 Safety Commitment

Our commitment to your safety during Covid-19 is our highest priority, as is our desire to keep ‘business as usual’ and a sense of civic duty for calm and common sense.

You can also rest assured that our company focus is to provide great customer service. For us this means an investment in time and resources to ensure we do a really good job for you, using top quality products and with fully qualified experienced line markers.

Open for Business

In summary, we are still open for business and perhaps now is the time to think about maintenance work around your site.

Below are some photos taken from the weekend of our team at work and a fantastic car park we have just painted.

Please call me or Stacey in our office 07 3277 2448 if you have any questions or for a free no-obligation quotation.

Car Park Bay Lines Numbering To Bays And Directional Arrows
Reduced Line Marking Edge Line To Solid Green Walkway
Reduced Hatched Walkway Line Marking In Progress

If you would like a free quote, please call the office on 07 3277 2448 or use our contact form


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