Company Logo Line Marking in Car Parks

Line marking a company logo is a brilliant way to add identity and ownership by that company to its allocated car parks.  Too often businesses are frustrated by a lack of car parking spaces available for their clients during busy times.  Why?  Visitors to the site tend to park in any vacant parking bay, whether they are coming to see your company or not.

How to Achieve Company Ownership of Car Parks?

Make a bright, bold and clear message to anyone that these car parking spaces are for your business only.  How?  Stencil your company logo in your car parks.  At Linemarkers South East Queensland we team up with Shapemakers.  Shapemakers will expertly manufacture a stencil with as much information as you require on your car park.   Linemarkers South East Queensland will paint it in your chosen colours.


Multiple car parks with corporate logos stand out vibrantly whether with a splash of colour as with Mates 4 Mates to the left  or simple white on black background here on the right.  Other standout colour combos include yellow on black, black on white, red on white.


Even your name without the logo or multiple colours might be all you need to get your car parking message across.

As always, Linemarkers South East Queensland will advise on the proper preparation of the surface to be painted.  If you look at the Medical + Rescue Vehicles photo above right, you will note that the concrete is paler around the stencil area than the road way.  This is because Linemarkers South East Queensland has water blasted the area to be painted a few days previously.  We do this to remove black mould and grime from the concrete.  Removal of these contaminants will improve the life of your paint.

Check out our stencil gallery pics for inspiration!

If you would like to see your company’s logo in your car parks, please do not hesitate to call Linemarkers South East Queensland’s office on 07 3277 2448 for a free quotation.