What We Do

What’s important to us, in working here at Linemarkers, is respect. We absolutely insist on respecting every person in the team. The effort that you contribute, every job and every person is valued. We respect the opinions of the people who work with us and in particular, their home life. We respect all that as well. Within our team, background, heritage, experience; everything you have done is worthy of respect…and then of course, we expect you to respect us, our clients and the work you do.


When you work with us, you can expect a Tuesday to Saturday work week… and Saturday is not negotiable. In any week, we work between 10 and 30 different job sites. Everything is new, and every job brings its own challenges or obstacles to overcome, to get the result the client needs. It’s challenging and it’s really interesting.

Every single day is different, not necessarily just in geography but also timing. One day you might start at 5 am and the day after you start at 6 pm and work through the night. Our team know about 24 hours out, what their next shift; our team are very flexible.


We drive Linemarkers cars and coordinate teams and meeting places so that it’s fair on everyone. Sometimes team members will work on their own, driving around in one of the utes doing little jobs, other times there will be 2, 3 or 4 on the one job.

Flexibility here is one of the most vital qualities we have as we’ve all got to work together as people. We teach all new team members, how to be a great line marker for all the line marking services that we offer, such as sports court line marking, car park line marking, residential line marking and warehouse floor marking etc . What we can’t teach here, but we absolutely expect from everyone, is a positive approach to work, and working as a team. It is the most important job that you have every day of the week when you are working with us.


The thing we all love most is the ability to step away from our work at the end of the day and see a completed job. It’s so satisfying. Have a look at some of our recent line marking work to see some of the line marking jobs we have delivered.