I have been at Linemarkers for 10 years now. I started in 2006 as a Linemarker, then a Senior Linemarker andwas later on promoted to the Operations Manager. Before
Linemarkers, I was doing ordinary labour jobs, just unloading containers. I needed the change and starting as a Linemarker ended up changing my life for the better.

“Everybody helps each other out. If somebody doesn’t understand, we explain it”


Anyone can be a Linemarker, as long as you have the drive to be the best that you can be. The people that we have now, come from all sort of different backgrounds.
Someone who wants to work at Linemarkers has to have the respect and
understanding that everybody is allowed to have their say.


As the Operations Manager I make sure everybody is ready to do their jobs every day… that they have everything that they need and know what they are doing. I help them set up and make sure that the team understand what they need to do and how to do it.

I ensure that the jobs get done in the quality that we are looking. I do line marking sometimes but it is really rare. I normally just explore the different job sites because we have 2-3 project each day and make sure everybody is okay. I also train the team when they start and to get them to do their job better, later on.

I try to get new-starters painting as quickly as they can. The training is usually 5 days on site, I take them on site with me, and I go through everything to make sure they
understand how to read plans. After that I get them to do the mark up and train on how to operate the machine and how to hand paint as well.


Everybody helps each other out. Aside from that, we are all encouraged to have our say. We acknowledge that everyone is different. We all respect each other and we don’t treat team members differently regardless of their role.