Jobs At Linemarkers

Each year as a business we look at our growth and where our business is going. Our team is a huge part of that.When it comes to hiring Linemarkers, there are no specific skill sets we look for. In some ways, we want a blank slate. In interview, that can be hard so most Linemarkers start with us Casual Labourers because what we really look for is ATTITUDE, ENTHUSIASM and how they get on with the TEAM. Someone who is really engaged in listening and learning during this trial is what we look for.


There are no specific skills that you need to become a line marker with us. Everything we do, we teach you. For that reason, most line markers start with us as casual labourers so you can trial with us onsite.

Here are a couple of things that you can expect, we are looking out for, during your line marking job trial:

  • Mathematical brain – you don’t have to be a genius but we read and need to understand plans and scaling. You will need to show us you are ‘getting it’ during your trial
  • Geometry – part of what we do is ensure consistency, standards and aesthetics. This sees the team calculating angles to accurately lay out tape for each job
  • Attitude and Enthusiasm – we want to work with people that want to work with us. We look at how alert you are, if you are actively listening to instructions, how involved you get from the first hour onsite
  • Presentation – we are ALWAYS where we say we are going to be and our Brand is important to us, so personal presentation and being on-time, is a MUST

That’s it! Literally, there is nothing more you need to do than show us that you actually want to be here.


All of our line markers start as casual labourers. To work with us, contact Tony Hogg directly:

1.To commence your career at Linemarkers SEQ with a job as a labourer;

  • email Tony on:
  • let Tony know that you are interested in a casual labour job or line marking job at Linemarkers SEQ

2.To join us as an experienced line marker, send an email to us at