A Career in Line Marking

What We Do at Linemarkers South East Queensland

Interested in a career in line marking? Let us explain what we do and how a typical week looks for our line markers at Linemarkers South East Queensland.

First, we do not perform line marking on public roads so if this is your bent, then we are not for you, and we advise you to search for road marking providers.

When you work with us, you can expect a Tuesday to Saturday work week, though this may vary because we aim to work when traffic is quietest on site. In any week, we work at between 10 and 30 different job sites. Everything is new, and every job brings its own challenges or obstacles to overcome, to get the result the client needs. It is challenging and it is interesting.

Every single day is different, in geography and timing.  We work in the general Brisbane area mostly but also on the Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich area, Toowoomba, and further west.  Timing wise, one day you might start at 5 am and the day after you start at 6 pm and work during the evening.

Line marking is everywhere, not just on roads.  Car parks at shopping centres, hospitals, and schools are perhaps the most obvious.  Our line markers might also paint sports courts lines, safety lines in factories and warehouses, and multicolour stencilling with company logos.

A look through our gallery page shows the variety of what we do.  Painting on the ground is the foundation of our business.  Before the paint goes down, the areas to be painted need to be measured out, marked up and taped.  Measuring up requires accuracy and geometry skills.  Painting using an airless spray gun requires a safe approach, a steady hand for even, precise spraying.

Linemarkers South East Queensland also supplies and installs related items such as wheel stops, speed humps, signage, and bollards.

Being on many different sites involves a careful approach to workplace health and safety.  We have our own policy and procedures; however, our teams must also follow the guidelines of the site.  This is a challenge when we may be on a busy construction site in the morning and a hospital car park in the afternoon.

Our line markers generally work in teams.  This depends on the size of the job.  Our work vehicles are fully kitted out with the equipment needed for a job with all the gear stored at our shed at Willawong.

Being able to work in a team is especially important to us at Linemarkers South East Queensland.  We absolutely insist on respecting every person in the team. The effort that our team members contribute, every job and every person is valued. We respect the opinions of the people who work with us and, their home life. Within our team, background, heritage, and experience are all worthy of respect.

Wearing the corporate uniform with pride, turning up on time, communicating well with our clients and each other, taking care of equipment, working safely and considerately, and of course doing a great, accurate job on site are all hallmarks of being a great line marker.

We give onsite training and support our new team members to achieve the qualification of Certificate 3 in Civil Construction Line Marking.  This course can take around two years and we use a Registered Training Organisation to oversee the training program.  Subjects include Plan and Organise Work, Read and Interpret Plans and Specifications, Install Signs, Handle and Store Road Marking Materials, and Work Safety and Follow OHS Policies and Procedures.  All our current line markers have achieved this qualification.

Lastly, the thing we all love most is the ability to step away from our work and see a completed job. It is so satisfying and reflecting on what has been achieved is a great way to end a working week at Linemarkers South East Queensland.

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