Safety Bollards, High, and Low-Speed Impact Bollards

Bollards come in a vast range and are selected to suit the specific location. At one end of the scale, there are safety bollards that are incredibly strong and designed to withstand high-speed impacts. These are used where public safety is of concern. Most of our applications relate to bollard installation for protection to disabled shared zones, and industrial asset protection. Industrial settings may require the installation of bollards designed to take low-speed impacts from forklifts or Materials Handling Equipment (MHE).  We also install bollards as protection around fire exits and firefighting equipment.

Removable Bollards

Some bollards are designed to be removed. Removable bollards are used in front of retail stores and are replaced at the end of each trading day. Some removable bollards are also used to deter parkers from designated parking spaces. Soft flexible bollards are used in places where visibility of a danger is required but there is a need to minimise damage to vehicles.

Type of Bollard Installation

Many bollards are bolted to the ground. This type is known as a surface mounted bollard. This method minimises the damage to the installation point should the bollard be struck. Bollards are also cored into concrete. These bollards can also be filled with concrete to add strength and mass.

Any major impact to these bollards will cause damage to the installation point. The resulting damage can require excavation and a rebuild to the supporting structure before a new bollard is installed.

Linemarkers South East Queensland supplies only quality products and our bollard installation is done with the same care and attention to detail as all work done by our team.


Bollards at fire hydrant